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Mattress Respire Firm
Gomarco coleccion nucol colchon respire firm
gomarco colección nucol colchón respire firm capas
Colchon Respire Firm Gomarco

Mattress Respire Firm

Breathable, resistant and firm.

The Respire firm model from the Nucol collection is the product that best suits those looking for a mattress with maximum firmness. Its core with the Nucol system makes this mattress an extra breathable product. Accompanied by profiled HR foams. Unlike the other products in the collection, the Respire series does not incorporate the Revertop system. The star element of this rest kit is its Springsac Firm spring casing. It has a Strech fabric cover with great elasticity and a feeling of comfort. Our Nucol system is made up of the best quality viscoelastic pieces that allow, through different degrees of firmness and distribution throughout the mattress, to adapt to the shape of our body.
In addition, each Nucol has different channels through which the air circulates, making the mattress more breathable and fresh and thus avoiding excess heat.
In short, the Nucol® System is an innovative, different and perfect support for the most demanding rest, as it brings together the best of spring, firmness and breathability, with the best of viscoelastic, adaptability and comfort.




Thickness 27cm.
Highest ergonomy Breathable Soft sensation Adaptable Rolled Anti mites
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