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Gomarco Descanso S.L.
Highway Villena Km 3,5
P.O. Box 403
Yecla – Murcia – Spain
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(+34) 968 79 00 90

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The evolution of rest.

Innovation and quality to offer you a healthy rest and improve your day to day. Collections of design and advanced technology put at your fingertips and designed for current lifestyles. In Gomarco we work so that you and your family enjoy the best rest.

Who we are

Who we are

We design and manufacture the rest you deserve and want for yours. All our work is aimed at improving the quality of rest and putting the latest advances to offer new sensations that improve your life and your dreams.

Our facilities are fully designed to enhance advances and improvements that raise the quality of rest. Because here we develop the products where dreams are born.

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Manufacturing and customization of high quality mattresses are the main objectives of Gomarco, as well as the design as the basis to a good health and a comfortable life.

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Discover Alma Natura, mattresses delicately handcrafted using natural materials.

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Made to your needs, Unicbed is the personalized mattress that adapts to your body to improve your rest.

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Security to improve the rest of the little ones. Take care of your dreams from the first months.

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