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Alma Gomarco.

Alma Gomarco is a collection of mattresses that has been created with the aim of providing the best sleep experience for everybody. These mattresses are designed with high-quality materials, advanced technology and environmental awareness. Alma Gomarco adapts to the needs and preferences of each sleeper, offering
different options of firmness, comfort and proper ventilation. Alma Gomarco is more than a collection of mattresses. It‘s a lifestyle which looks for balance to your body and soul. Because sleep is the best meditation

Investing in rest is investing in health.

Sleep is essential for our health and well-being. We spend 365 nights a year on a mattress, so investing in proper rest is taking care of our health and the well-being of those who share their lives with us.

Putting heart and soul into what we do, along with 40 years of experience, leads us to offer you the benefits of superior, as pleasurable as it is restorative, sleep.

El colchón con el que sueñas.

El colchón con el que sueñas.

La elección de un colchón, y de todos los elementos para un buen descanso, es una inversión en salud y bienestar. Por ello, si tienes alguna duda, puedes consultar a nuestro equipo de expertos, te ayudarán a elegir el colchón con el que sueñas.

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