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Aquapur Collection.

Aquapur foams adapt to you and evenly distribute the pressure exerted by your body on the mattress, providing you with a better rest. A Gomarco technology inspired by welcoming a hug.

Aquapur solid Gomarco


This HR is a highly firm material. It has an open and uniform cellular structure that gives it high resistance to compression and excellent durability.

Aquapur Firm Gomarco


It is made from polyurethane and has a cellular structure that provides optimal support for the spine. It distributes body weight equally, making it perfect for rest.

Aquapur elastic Gomarco


It is a material with a soft firmness and open-cell structure that is used in high-quality sleep and rest products. It has good elasticity and excellent durability. Its soft firmness and open-cell structure allows proper ventilation and excellent air flow throughout the
mattress during sleep.

aquapur bio 55k gomarco


55 kg HR foam of high density, very high resilience and great adaptability. It has an open-cell structure that allows for excellent ventilation, a very high density that gives it great elasticity and excellent durability. It is made from natural oils.

Resilience, the ability to adapt.

Aquapur Aquapur is the advanced polyurethane foam developed by Gomarco. It is a high quality, durable material that offers many advantages in terms of comfort. Its alveolar structure allows for excellent air circulation, which contributes to a more comfortable and fresh sleep. Its temperature-regulating properties ensure that the temperature is maintained all night long.

The mattress you dream of.

The mattress you dream of.

Choosing a mattress, and all the elements for a good rest, is an investment in health and well-being. Therefore, if you have any questions, you can consult our team of experts, they will help you choose the mattress with the one you dream of.

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