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Mattress Moet
Colchon Moet Gomarco
Colchon Moet Gomarco
Colchon Moet Gomarco

Mattress Moet

Resistant and ergonomic.

The Moet mattress offers superb comfort when you lie down, thanks to its great adaptability and support, it is the perfect mattress for those who are looking for a full night’s sleep.

The core of the mattress is made up of a core of pocket springs with 9 comfort zones that provide precise support for the sensitive areas of the body to guarantee you ideal support.

This core is designed with 6 times more springs than any other mattress on the market. Thanks to the pocket spring system, this mattress is very comfortable and reduces pressure points.

The motion isolation of this mattress will get you a deep sleep.

The Rever Top topper of the Moet mattress is a patented and exclusive system from GOMARCO.



Thickness 32 cm
Cotton Phase change material Thermoregulation Summer / winter Reinforced frame Reversible topper Cloud effect Anti mites
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